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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing a census employment inquiry (bc-170)

Instructions and Help about a census employment inquiry (bc-170)

Hi Jan is here from FINA investor comm today I'll show you how to order or request for your NSO birth certificate online first you have to go to NSO helpline comm and then click order now then choose what certificate are you requesting for for example for this video I'm going to request for birth certificate so I'm going to click on this on this page you have to answer this so what do you need the birth certificate for so you have to choose if it's for your passport or for employment local employment school requirements claims and all others so for this video I'm just going to choose claims benefits and loans and here's another question have you ever applied for this certificate before if you have then click yes if you haven't applied for a copy of your birth certificate from NSO before just click no for this video I'm going to choose no and this is the birth certificate application form so I'm just going to fill this out make sure everything is filled out correctly all right so I just finished filling out this form for a birth certificate I'm going to scroll down to the bottom and I'm going to hit continue the next question is have you had any legal proceeding done to your birth certificate if there's launches click none if you want to see the examples of legal proceedings just click on this button so I'm just going to click none so who will receive the certificate upon delivery if you are available then you can put your name here if you're not you can request or ask someone to receive it on your behalf just make sure to leave a copy of your valid ID and an authorization letter okay so I just entered the name of the person who will receive the certificate upon delivery and I'm going to click Submit okay so this is the checkout page under order summary check if all the information are correct to the right side of the page we have to enter our contact information including the mobile number landline number and a primary email and we also have to enter the delivery address this is where your NSO certificate will be delivered so you have to enter the complete address including your house apartment unit floor number building name company name street name bronchi or subdivision village district name and also describe nearest landmark if possible so again make sure that your complete address is correct because this is where the certificate will be delivered and choose the province and select the city or municipality at the very bottom of the page there's checkout summary so you have to check or you have to enter the number of copies that you're requesting for example if you're only requesting for one copy then just put one if you're requesting more than one just put the number here the amount is.