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A census employment inquiry (bc-170) Form: What You Should Know

The following PDFs show examples of the census forms used for current jobs to be filled: BC-731, BC-732, BC-735, BC-773, BC-772, BC-773, BC-932, and BC-1029. Census Forms BC-170A, BC-170B, BC-170C, BC-170D, & BC-173 — The BC-170 form is the one for active employment.  BC-170A —  1. Fill out and sign the form on an A4 paper. Make sure to leave the top and the bottom two squares blank. BC-170B —  2. Fill out and sign section 1. a. Include your date of birth if not already entered (and write your name and address). Be sure to make a space between letters and make a mark that the numbers follow your name. b. Include your current address, as well as your home phone and work number. c. Include your employer name, city & state (if applicable), and phone number. BC-170D —  3. Fill out and sign section 3. a. If applying for a new position, state that you have submitted your application, and you are now active. Keep your current employment title and your date of hire in your mind. The same person could be employed at different positions (or at different times). If not applying for a new position, answer questions such as “why are you interested in the job”, “how recently did you start working” and “what is the expected work schedule”  and “please select one or more of the following descriptions for your work assignment: a. Employee at your current position b. Employee at a position for which you have been recently transferred from” and c. Employees of another government agency”.  5. List your employer (which you will not be compensated for in any way) and the job(s) you will perform, stating what the pay rate is, if any.  a. If applying for a new position, state that you have submitted your application, and you are now active. Keep your current employment title and your date of hire in your mind.  BC-170C —  6.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing A census employment inquiry (bc-170)

Instructions and Help about A census employment inquiry (bc-170)

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FAQ - A census employment inquiry (bc-170)

Is the census an agency of the federal government?
The Census Bureau is the federal government's largest statistical agency. We are dedicated to providing current facts and figures about America's people, places, and economy. Federal law protects the confidentiality of all the information the Census Bureau collects.
How long does a census interview take?
We expect each interview to take about 45-50 minutes. Additionally, we expect it to take about 40 minutes per week for each household member completing an expenditure diary.
Who are considered as federal workers?
These workers include politicians, judges, officials and uniformed service members that work for the Executive, Legislative or Judicial branches of government. As well as civilians working in the Postal Service, law enforcement, public health, staffers and clerical workers at various government agencies.
How do I verify employment census?
Here are some ways you can verify an individual is a Census Bureau employee. The field representative will present an ID badge that includes They will have an official bag and Census Bureau-issued electronic device, such as a laptop or smartphone, bearing the Census Bureau logo.
How does the Census Bureau determine who is looking for work?
We ask questions about whether a person worked last week and, if the answer is no, why he or she was not working. For those who were not working, we also ask whether he or she plans to return to work, and when they last worked.
Are census workers federal employees?
Yes, working for the Census Bureau is a federal job, but it does not violate the dual employment statute (5 USC 5533) that prevents federal employees from working for 2 federal agencies.
How long does it take for a government job to get back to you?
After the Application Period Closes Most agencies strive to fill their open positions within 80 days or sooner. Or sooner if they can. However, the average time to hire as it's often called, is still close to 100 days 14although government strives to do better.
What branch of government is census?
The Census Bureau is part of the U.S. Department of Commerce.
What are census employees called?
A census taker or census enumerator is someone hired from your local community by the Census Bureau to knock on doors and collect responses to the census for households that have not yet responded.
How long does it take to hear back from census application?
In reference to the complaints of some applicants, the agency took nearly three months to notify them about the next step to take in the hiring process. However, there have been cases of some applicants who got contacted in two weeks or less than.
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