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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing bc-170 form

Instructions and Help about bc-170 form

Hi Tim light up here with divorce 6061 calm today we're talking about reasons that your judgment could be rejected and this one is specifically talking about judicial council form FL 170 also known as a declaration for default or uncontested dissolution essentially this is pretty straightforward the FL 170 is required when you submit your judgment don't miss it it's on our checklist I have a checklist at California divorce tutor com if you use our do-it-yourself a service I do have a checklist that tells you each form you need for the particular style of divorce you are filing but this is just a mandatory form it's pretty self-explanatory it's a three-page form and needs to be submitted either by the petitioner or the respondent you don't need one each it's just one total and only one person needs to write that declaration or sign that that form that FL 170 not both of you but the biggest I think the biggest reason we see this form being rejected is that the it's either not signed or there's a settlement agreement but the parties did not get their signature notarized or some along those lines or you mark the wrong box so the FL 170 basically says hey courts this is a default or an uncontested dissolution and it basically says you're just notifying the court of the type of case but we don't usually see this come up too much except for people missing it but to fill it out is pretty straightforward they want to know you know if everything was true on the petition if there's going to be spousal support and if the style of divorce there's a section that says this is a this is a default this is a default with agreement this is an uncontested case but pretty straightforward we don't see this happen too much but if you did get this rejected this podcast and blog post should help clear up the form and again you can always go to California divorce and we have a do-it-yourself tutorial which I show you how to complete all the forms for your divorce which is useful if you are starting off your divorce and or you know if you have Corrections because you got your judgment rejected it's a good way to go through and just do the review on all the documents before you resubmit your judgment Tim Blankenship divorce 661 con thanks so much for listening as always and we'll talk to you soon.