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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Us government jobs in japan

Instructions and Help about Us government jobs in japan

Hello guys welcome to my channel my name is marina McGill co but you can also say marina Jellico but it doesn't matter because today we're talking about top 11 jobs top 11 most well paid jobs in the United States so if you're interested who earns $30,000 a month please continue watching this video as you know and if you do not know then you should subscribe to my channel and watch the previous video but the video was about top 11 jobs that have the biggest number of job openings in the United States but this video is about the amount of money that the people earn so profession number 11 is called software engineer obvious right you have to have computer science degree and you have to be good at coding and if you come to San Francisco you will have the majority of job openings and currently there are more than a thousand job openings and people earn around $110,000 a year refreshen number 10 coverage controller this guy's managed corporates finance they do tax optimization they do different things or they control the financials of a big corporation you should have a background in finance I would say maybe you have like a bachelor's degree from your country but if you want to be a corporate controller I would suggest doing masters in finance here in the United States so you know the standards that are here and you would get acquainted with the corporate culture of America and as you know if you're a foreign student if you come to the States do your masters you get up to three years of opt which is a work permit for you to stay in the States and work for this period of time so yeah if you do a master's degree in finance you can totally apply for a corporate controller position and there are currently 259 job openings for the corporate controller and the majority of them are concentrated in New York and as you know New York is the financial center of the United States 4c2 Wall Street everything is there like if we're talking about tech and innovation and code and whatever San Francisco Silicon Valley and in San Francisco right now by the way we're talking about finance and maybe like fashion that's New York and if we're talking about usually racial social media or vloggers or like film LA I'm going arts as a profession number nine R&D manager these guys are responsible for innovation and research right now a lot of money go into research and development in medical sphere and I have a couple of friends here who actually working on like beating cancer or trying to grow organs in pigs so they can be transplanted into human beings later and like this sphere is really well financed and yes people are looking for cure for different diseases so if you have medical background and if you're.

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