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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing list of government jobs

Instructions and Help about list of government jobs

Alright well we're back here with Lisa McManus is a staff lawyer with us at HSN da Canada and with her super duper top ten list of things to keep in mind when you're filling at home schooling forms and actually really this list is a great list really for communicating with anyone and especially for communicating with government in writing but it can also be helpful for social workers and anything so yeah this this will hopefully be helpful to you and something to keep in mind for all the reasons we talked about in the last video so so Lisa tell us tell us the list and take us through how do we do this all right so I get a lot of calls for members with a lot of questions about report writing notifications so here's sort of some top tips okay so first be confident all right you are your child's best teacher you know your child the most you're the best person to be doing this right if you believe your child kit you're doing a good job you're more likely to convince exactly so secondly you want to be legible and and like that you want to be error-free you don't want your report to have grammar mistakes or typos or to be scrawled with messy handwriting so type them up where you can most of our forms are available and they're fillable so that takes care of that alright so the fourth point is be current and I meet what I mean by that is speak the language of the educators right right all the provincial curriculum curricula are online and learning outcomes are usually very easily attained online for your particular province and you'll see what what they're looking for generally and specifically for an age group or a grade level where different provinces call that some of them have a learning outcomes or something like that and a list of education goals or so just be familiar with that and you know if you can adopt some of that language authentically in your reports then that will make sense to them ok so my fifth point is be authentic so your report for your children should ring true to your child it shouldn't be copied and pasted from an example we might put on our website shouldn't be the same wording used every single year for your child yeah this is why we're so hesitant to give examples of course right because we don't want a thousand people that's enticing angrily right has to ring true yeah so it has to be authentic and then next you want to be comprehensive you want to tell them enough I know people want to not share too much and I understand that but if we don't share enough the person reading it the governing authority might want to ask for more and started investigations so usually a five-word answer won't satisfy them.