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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing leave form army

Instructions and Help about leave form army

Everybody needs a little bit of time to unwind and relax take a little vacation even soldiers in the United States Army so in this video we're talking about how time off and vacation time works for soldiers in the US Army what's up friends I am US Army veteran Christopher Kaos and this is the time of year when a lot of soldiers are taking some time off to go see family for the holidays so you may be curious how does that work for soldiers maybe you are potentially wanting to go to the army or you're just curious about the topic and that's we're to talk about so first we'll start off from the very basic level which is weekend's now for the most part soldiers usually get weekends off there are some exceptions to that though however so for instance if soldiers are doing training may be on the field maybe they have duty where they have to sit at a desk for 24 hours or even certain jobs they're not going to necessarily get weekends off there are some jobs in the army they don't get every weekend off for example military police you know they have to patrol the streets you have cooks that work in the DFAC they still have to cook food even on the weekends holidays and then probably a few other ones as well but for the most part most soldiers anyways get weekends off unless they fall into that category for the most part work happens from Monday through Friday and then Saturday and Sunday is usually some off time and then additionally if there happens to be a holiday then you also get that as well so soldiers will get holidays and then sometimes along with holidays units will throw in what is called training holidays or Danza days where maybe if that holiday happens to fall on a Monday they might also get that Friday prior off to give them a four-day weekend that's not always the case just often there will be units that will do stuff like that that essentially just turns a three-day weekend into a four-day weekend but there are other stuff to go count along with that if you have like a three-day weekend or a four-day weekend usually leadership wants to do an inspection on like your vehicle to make sure it works okay and you have some kind of plan for the weekend just a safety briefing stuff and all that usually will be taken care of prior to that three-day weekend or four-day weekend you don't typically have that just over a normal weekend but some units may be really strict and they do do that kind of stuff but it's not very common now if it's a railer weekend three-day weekend or a four-day weekend still can't really do whatever the heck you want to do you are still kind of confined to mileage radius so for.