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Instructions and Help about Usa jobs uk

So I'm here at a dairy farm in New York and I am learning how to milk cows the smell right here is it's pretty intense Music okay see me when we think about immigration being a controversial issue we usually think of places like Arizona and Texas but actually New York State has become such a hotbed for immigration enforcement and the main reason is that agriculture and dairy farms rely on immigrant labor so much immigrants play a critical role in the American food production system chances are the food you ate today was planted harvested impact by workers who were born in Mexico and Central America Dairy is no exception milking cows is a dirty monotonous job that not a lot of Americans want to do so most u.s. dairy farms rely on foreigners to fill entry-level positions and overnight shifts the problem is dairy farms don't have a way to recruit immigrant workers legally because the government doesn't allow them to participate in the h-2a agricultural guest worker program that program is for seasonal farm work only not year-round work like milking so since they can't get workers legally most dairy farms hired immigrants illy Congress's refusal to create a guest worker program for dairy has New York farmers on edge New York State is the country's top producer of Greek yogurt and third biggest producer of milk but right in the middle of the state's most important dairy producing region is one of the largest immigrant detention facilities outside of Arizona Immigration and Customs Enforcement or ice as the agency is known and the Border Patrol agents who work along the sleepy u.s. Canadian border have made it their mission to make sure that facilities beds stay full and all the undocumented farmworkers in the area make for an easy way to fill their quotas dairy farmers near the immigrant detention facility are irate with prospects for immigration reform dead for the foreseeable future they constantly worry that their workers will be deported and that they won't have enough people to keep their cows milked adding another layer of uncertainty to an already uncertain business we went to upstate New York to try to understand the cat-and-mouse game that's going on between dairy farms and immigration authorities a game that we as taxpayers fund the first thing I wanted to know was whether there's actually any truth to farmers claim that they can't find enough Americans to do entry-level milking work so I decided to conduct a little experiment outside an unemployment office just a few minutes drive from the immigrant detention center and a handful of dairy farms excuse me y'all looking for work kind of doing a little poll are you looking for work right now yeah would you be interested in we're gonna dairy farm bushings for milking or something yeah milking parlor what time - what time - am denude it's a long shift right No okay all right would.

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