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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing usa jobs cyber security

Instructions and Help about usa jobs cyber security

What do you need to do to get an entry-level cybersecurity role stay tuned yo what's going on YouTube this is AK with IT career questions and I am really excited to talk about today's video in this video today we're gonna talk about some of the things that you should know about an entry-level cybersecurity role and hopefully some of these things that we talked about help you there are definitely more things that we could probably mention in this video but we can't fit everything into it so if you guys have any other comments suggestions or other things that you think people should know in regards to entry-level cybersecurity roles please leave a comment below and help everybody else out because I'd greatly appreciate that and the viewers here will also appreciate that as well so to start things off we're gonna talk about some of the different roles that you could find in entry-level cybersecurity there's information security specialists there's a cyber security specialist there's IT specialist information security there's IT security specialist there's information technology specialist information security there's IT auditor there's incident analyst and there's much more and the thing that I want to really specify about this section right here is that IT job roles specifically their titles are very skewed you might see that an information security specialist could vary from business to business but some businesses might call an information security specialist an information technology specialist a security specialist and they all could be the same exact thing but different businesses will definitely try to take their own take on what they want to call a specific job title with that being said these are some of the potential job roles that you could see in a entry-level cybersecurity job as you're looking into the entry-level cybersecurity roles you need to pay attention to what your current status is do you have a degree is it in cybersecurity or is it in general IT do you have a degree that is in no relation at all to IT do you have any certifications in IT are they specific to cybersecurity do you have any experience at all in IT any prior roles that have any type of security influence at all now we're going to go into a little bit more detail about each of these things that we just met with a cybersecurity degree it is going to be much easier for you to land a role in cybersecurity you'll find as you're going out and you're looking for some of these entry-level roles that a lot of them require you have a degree and a lot of them may even require that you have a degree specifically set in cybersecurity it is much easier to land a role with a cybersecurity degree not saying that you can't land a role with certifications or experience because you definitely can I'm just saying out of the three things that we.