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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing a census employment inquiry (bc-170) form

Instructions and Help about a census employment inquiry (bc-170) form

Diversos emotion on teh interactivo in nova doors flexible a greeeeat evo it's the place you want to be or let everyone on SATA I'm here to let you know that the Census Bureau wants you the Census Bureau is serious when it comes to recruiting the brightest and the best you're probably wondering why the Census Bureau here's why I think the work census bureau does impact the nation in every aspect well the work of distances Bureau helps the country and affects it because it's where you get your data this data provides statistics that the country needs and also the big companies use this information we're not one of those sexy agencies you know we don't carry guns and we don't have any TV shows after the Census Bureau so a lot of people are really in a bit of a cloud as to what the census is but when you really get into it and see that it is truly a foundation of our democracy and something that makes our country strong you can see that there's different ways to serve your country and this is one of them the Census Bureau is doing so many things to bring Hispanic talent on board we recognize that the population has grown the Hispanic community is growing we're everywhere and we want to make sure that we have the right talent coming to us hispanics are a diverse group in itself where Tejanos were mexicanos were cubanos puertorriqueno as columbia knows all sorts so we've always made a point to hire a diverse group of Hispanics as well Hispanics are Latino has done to contribute to the diversity here it's just bring their own flavor we always put a little spice to it i am hispanic an unbelievable so of course whenever something came up were you needed a bilingual person I was the right choice we have the Commerce Latino employee organizations we have blacks in government we have the group for Asian we have globe we have toastmasters there's so many different affinity groups that you can join when you come on board out of all of the places that I've worked I've never seen a place where there is so much diversity we are open to age differences background disciplines I think that's what really conceptualizes what the Census Bureau is all about this is one of the first agencies that I ever worked with that is constantly asking its workers how they can do a better job we even have a Directorate that's just for strategic planning and innovation employees across all divisions are able to express their opinions concerns and give suggestions on the Census Bureau practices as a whole or by division so we're always looking for new and better ways of doing things I love coming to work my coworkers are a family far away from home the senses where we do believe in the working life balance we have.