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Music Applause Applause hello everybody welcome to the first day of the rest of your life my name is Mike Zaremba and as per usual we are Vancouver real podcasting out of float house at seventy West Cordova Street in downtown Vancouver British Columbia Canada which is a city that is seated on unseated Coast Salish territories and we haven't acknowledged that in a while but I figured this is actually a good episode to do that again and bring it back definitely so just to acknowledge that there are basically three bands here that were originally here the musculus Lela tooth and the Squamish people and now it's been officially recognized by I believe at least the Mizpah I know provincial level as well that is that is seated land so acknowledging that of course since we are Vancouver real and joining me behind the helm is my brother Andy hello everyone nice to see you again it's good to be back recording mm-hm and I'm excited for today's episode likewise we've been doing this subject matter quite frequently lately and I like it it's just you know it just comes to us so we talk about it and and we're sort of a channel for this sort of stuff now I think so well I mean we're coming fresh off of back-to-back retreats ourselves alright it I think it kind of is good timing yeah but you did you had your man talks event last night so how did that go I was amazing we had hundred people out four really good speakers they really dope and they just like you know got in touch with like their most personal stuff and shared it and front of a group of people and it's really it was amazing it was it was kind of chaotic to be honest like we were we were like 50 minutes overtime but because Conor was speaking as well we hadn't really planned for that but yeah he was in town he stayed in town for that because well we have new sponsors sacks and they gave everybody in the underwear free pair and we're in the audience the free pair of underwear and helping us out with the financials and stuff so really good and we have another event coming up on October 22nd called the power of trust we have three really powerful speakers Matt Chan from psi we have sat Jen and we also have Angus Reed next BC line football player all talking about trust so it should be a really great event and we'll be launching it in the next few weeks so if you want to connect with that you can go to man talks calm or the man talks Facebook or community page it should be up on there excellent yeah and I'll just give a quick little plug for the Vancouver real community page you can find that on Facebook we just got our emails.