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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Federal government jobs

Instructions and Help about Federal government jobs

All right I'm going to go ahead and get started here I think that we're sufficiently past the 12:30 mark I want to welcome everybody and hope you're in the right place this is the how to get a government jobs workshop my name is Jim white I'm assistant director of the Career Service office here at the University of Utah and I've been doing this workshop in various forms for about six or eight years I've been working here career services as a career professional for just had my 25th anniversary last week so I've been helping students get government jobs just about from the beginning of that I actually had the first PC in this building in 1986 I was working for the Dean of Students brought my Commodore 128 from home wasn't hooked up to anything on the internet but you know I could do my own word processing and didn't have to go through the mainframe and things like that for the work I was doing for the Dean so I've been around helped a lot of students get into a lot of different kinds of government jobs internships - some pretty amazing opportunities in Washington DC of course NASA local things here with all kinds of government departments and agencies and if you're not aware of it I just want to put a plug in at this time for our wonderful Hinkley Institute of Politics over in Orson Spencer Hall the University of Utah is really fortunate to have that on our campus and the endowment that the Hinckley and family provided they put about 30 students in just amazing internships in Washington DC every semester they have another endowment for international internships and and the number of students going out on those is is growing each semester and right now the legislature is meeting here in Utah and there is a at least one student assigned to almost every senator and and house representative in our state government and the opportunities are just amazing so if you're still in the running where you may be interested in doing internships you know don't miss what's available through the Hinkley Institute overall I want to talk about what's of interest to you and so if you in mind just for one second tell me your names what your major is and what kind of government job you might be interested in all right and it was Caroline Caroline nice thanks for coming ok another international interest okay seeing what okay I'm going to talk in kind of generalities here because there are specific rules and things that apply to different government agencies and departments and each of you have a career counselor and if you're not sure who that is there's a link on the Career Services website up by the top that says find your counselor and there's a drop-down there of all the majors on campus and you can find out who to.

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