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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing government jobs oregon

Instructions and Help about government jobs oregon

Okay so you've been thinking about moving over here to the Portland metro but you're just not quite sure the perfect area for you your family whoever's coming with you maybe you're bringing some pets with you we're gonna go over all the different areas of the Portland metro because it is so diverse around here so if you want to know the best place for you to live in the Portland metro stay tuned Music hi my name is Jackson we'll keep you with the real agent now group with next home Realty connection right here in the Portland Oregon metro area so today we are going to do a video all about the different type of living all around the Portland metro that's gonna fit your lifestyle so make sure you hit that subscribe button and click the little bell we do so many videos about what it's like to live here that'll answer a ton of your questions and comment down below if there's an area you've been researching and you want to know more about comment below we'll go do a video on that or I'll go shoot a live video for you personally so anyways let's get to all the different style of living you'll find in the Portland metro all right it is a beautiful day here I'm on the tilikum crossing no vehicles allowed just transportation bikes running and I thought this would be a great central spot we'll get up in the air with the drone and show you all the different quadrants of living because the Portland metro is ginormous and it can be kind of confusing of where the perfect place to live is you know we are constantly being contacted by people relocating here and we absolutely love it if you are moving here relocating here and you have any questions reach out to Jessi Dow or I any time day or night shoot us a text phone call email and we got your back but we want to go deeper in the depth of the different style of living you'll find in all these five quadrants self this is a great middle point to kind of just go over some pros and cons of each area so now to answer your questions let's wait for Jesse let's show up sooner or later there he is he found a scooter let's go grill this guy about the Portland Metro oh yeah you gonna take a lime you get a bowl I kind of like the lines a little bit better won't go a lot faster but if I go side-by-side this is like a front back alright Jesse's having too much fun on the scooter so we're just gonna walk an interview alright so where do you want to start today man yes we're down here in a South Waterfront which we've done a couple videos on this is where the OHSU tram is it's part of a.